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Hello and welcome to the website for ASCLS-IL! We hope you find our site useful.

ASCLS-IL is a member society of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS). ASCLS-IL is in ASCLS Region VI, which is composed of the Midwestern states of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Our members are dedicated to advocating for the profession of medical laboratory science in our state. Activities include offering and promoting continuing education, voicing an opinion about key legislation to state representatives, and recruiting the next generation of professionals. Please check the About page to find additional details on the organization.

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The mission of ASCLS is to make a positive impact in health care through leadership that will assure excellence in the practice of laboratory medicine.

ASCLS Believes

  • Quality laboratory service is essential to quality health care.
  • Everyone deserves access to safe, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered healthcare, and
  • Advancing the laboratory profession advances health care.

ASCLS Core Values

  1. Defining the characteristics of competent personnel within the profession and providing professional development opportunities so that practitioners can maintain competency are essential roles of a professional association.
  2. Enabling laboratory professionals to function at their highest level of competence will contribute to cost effective health care.
  3. Promoting diversity supports the delivery of quality laboratory service.
  4. Taking a leadership role in standard and policy setting is a core professional responsibility.
  5. Advocating for quality within the laboratory is essential to the assurance of quality health care delivery.

ASCLS is an inclusive, culturally relevant community of people acknowledging their differences and unique characteristics; it is an organization where all persons can engage and participate in a meaningful way empowering everyone to grow and learn.

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