Advocacy for our Laboratorians

Our primary goal is to advocate for our profession and our patients. We do this by representing the interests of the clinical laboratory and affiliated professions and members of the Society in all government and other forums that affect these interests and being involved in national and state legislation and promoting licensure for all medical laboratory professionals.


We want to provide educational opportunities to students, future students, non-laboratory professionals and patients.

Current Leadership

Officers                                   Board Members

President – A.Gazder/K. Pesavento         (2022-2023) Michelle Campbell
President-Elect – Alysia Gazder               (2022-2023) Wendy Norton
Past President – Nicholas Steder             (2022-2023) Gilma Roncancio              
Secretary – Diana DeAvila                        (2022-2023) Ahn Strow                      
Treasurer – Toula Castillo                            
                                                                    Developing Professional-
                                                                    Ascending Professional- 

Representatives at large

Michelle Campbell
Nicholas Steder

Standing Committee members

Annual Meeting Coordinator Toula Castillo & Kristen Pesavento Membership Development Alysia Gazder
Awards Nominations Kate Bernhardt
Bylaws PACE Administrator
Education Promotion of the Profession
Finance Public Relations
Government Affairs Publications Michelle Campbell & Kim Espejo

SCientific Assembly chairs

Chemistry/Urinalysis Informatics
Education Laboratory
Generalist Microbiology/Public Health
Hematology/Hemostasis Molecular
Immunology/Immunohematology Point of Care/Phlebotomy